Don’t ignore baseclass methods in OSObject

Having spent an hour so (and more than a few reboots) – here’s a reminder to myself (and other hapless souls).¬†

Just because OSObject is pretty abstract and can’t be constructed on it’s own that doesn’t mean you can ignore its methods. In my case I was stymied by an apparent ‘hanging’ reference even though I could see that my very simple OSObject subclass was allocated only once and free() was called as the reference count went to zero.

My mistake was not to call the baseclass OSObject::free() from my own method – so of course although I thought (knew) I was done with the object the rest of the IOKit/kernel wasn’t so convinced.

So… don’t forget that OSObject still does very important things – even if it does seem a bit of a placeholder !

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Steven Frank @ Panic on Fusion 2.0

Steven Frank – one of the authors of Coda a great HTML Editor for Mac OS X has a nice post on the new Unity 2.0 Guest/Host Integration features in Fusion I worked on :

He pretty much describes the raison-d-etre for the URL/Browser sharing portions of the feature.

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Fusion 2.0 Beta 2

Fusion 2.0 Beta 2 is now available¬†This beta update includes what I’ve been working on since I joined VMware earlier this year – the new Guest/Host Integration features.

Along with colleagues on the Fusion UI team this new feature allows you to launch an application on windows by double-clicking on a document on the Mac (useful if you have Office for Windows installed in the Virtual Machine and you get sent a word document). You can also now click on a link in Outlook in Windows in the Virtual Machine and have the URL open in your default Mac OS Browser (Safari, Firefox etc.). Useful if you just want to use your windows VM for a few apps you can’t run natively on Mac OS.

Check it out !

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