Note this is particularly old information – it’s presented here only for historical purposes. The Internet Archive has archives of some of the old Be Inc website here .

Be is a small (approx. 85 employees) software company based in Menlo Park California. Be prodcues a high-performance operating system for Intel compatible PC’s and Power Macintosh desktop computers called (not surprisingly) BeOS. BeOS is explicitly designed to support the needs of media. Audio and Video in particular make unusual demands of a computer system, and the BeOS is designed to meet those demands using a comnination of Symmetric Multiiprocessing and realtime responsiveness. This gives users the best possible platform for dealing with Video Editing, Music Production or Graphic design.

Having said all of that, my own projects for the BeOS are much more mundane ! I’ve been working on a set of tools to allow people with the Palm Pilot organizer to share data with their BeOS machine, and even to develop applications for the Palm Pilot using the BeOS.

The following pages allow you to download the results of those efforts and read more about my plans for these projects. As always comments or suggestions (useful ones please) are welcome via email.

  • PilotLink – a port of the Linux utilities for communicating with your Palm Pilot
  • BeHotSync - a BeOS application for synchronising your pilot with applications on the BeOS
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