VMware Fusion 2.0

Fusion 2.0 shipped about 2 weeks ago now – and the press reports are starting to roll in :

Including one very nice review from Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal.

Oh – and the lady in the picture on the WSJ Site ? That’s the Fusion Engineering Manager !

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Steven Frank @ Panic on Fusion 2.0

Steven Frank – one of the authors of Coda a great HTML Editor for Mac OS X has a nice post on the new Unity 2.0 Guest/Host Integration features in Fusion I worked on :


He pretty much describes the raison-d-etre for the URL/Browser sharing portions of the feature.

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Fusion 2.0 Beta 2

Fusion 2.0 Beta 2 is now available This beta update includes what I’ve been working on since I joined VMware earlier this year – the new Guest/Host Integration features.

Along with colleagues on the Fusion UI team this new feature allows you to launch an application on windows by double-clicking on a document on the Mac (useful if you have Office for Windows installed in the Virtual Machine and you get sent a word document). You can also now click on a link in Outlook in Windows in the Virtual Machine and have the URL open in your default Mac OS Browser (Safari, Firefox etc.). Useful if you just want to use your windows VM for a few apps you can’t run natively on Mac OS.

Check it out !

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Maccamp Boston

Maccamp Boston is this weekend – and I’m going to go !

I’m not quite sure what I’ll talk about (if asked) probably iOnTV (which I’ve done a bunch of work on recently – though it’s not reflected on the website).

Oh – and I got VMware to donate some copies of Fusion for a raffle too !


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Mac OS X Desktop Virtualization

Craig Hockenberry (Iconfactory & Twitterific) is looking to encourage more developers to request Apple to support the use of Mac OS X Client (Desktop) virtualization and not just the Server version of Mac OS X :


Of course I have a vested interest in this and am not without bias on the issue – but all the same he raises valid points…

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Fusion Developer Video

Shawn Morel is one of the developers on the Fusion Team here at VMware.Last year he gave a presentation (along with local Boston Mac Developer Daniel Jalkut) at the C4[1] developer conferenceWolf Rentzsch the conference organizer has started putting videos of the presentations on-line, he just posted the video of Shawn’s presentation. Daniels presentation was posted last week.

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VMware at Macworld – Part II

What’s VMware showing at Macworld ?

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Server in a virtual environment.

This is an ‘out of the box’ install of Leopard running in an early (preview) version of a future VMware product for Mac OS X – yes it’s based on Fusion.

I’m really excited to be able to contribute to this (though I’ve done nothing yet, I’ve only been there a week 8-) – and I think that lots of people out there are looking forward to being able to use it too !

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VMware at Macworld

The Mac faithful will all be watching San Francisco next week – to see what his ‘greatness’ announces.

VMware will be there too (for the first time I think). I doubt VMware’s announcements will rise to the same level of hysteria that will be associated with anything Apple announces – but there’s going to be some good stuff !

So if you’re there drop by the booth – unfortunately I won’t be travelling to the show, but there will be a variety of other VMware engineers involved with Fusion who will be there during the show.

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