Sylvie’s New Bicycle

Sylvie used some money from family (and some parental contributions) to upgrade her wheels :

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This post was written by awk on September 9, 2008

Sylvie lost her first tooth !

Sylvie’s been complaining of a ‘wobbly front tooth’ for a few months but it’s really not been that loose. However in the past 4-5 days it’s gotten visibly looser. I had expected that yesterdays sledding in the snow would have had enough trauma to knock it out. Which if it had happened would have been very traumatic for every one since we would have need to hunt through the snow to find it for the Tooth Fairy.

However it actually came out very calmly in school today – and of course she was very excited to tell me and show me when I got home. Right now she’s concerned that the Tooth Fairy won’t find it in the gold jewelry box beside her bed – so she wrote a note (to make sure the fairy didn’t need to wake me up and ask me where it was) and attached it to the box.

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This post was written by awk on January 15, 2008

More Vocabulary

Sylvie has always had a good sense of rhythm almost as soon as she could sit up she would ‘bob’ in time to music, and when she started walking it wasn’t long before she would ‘dance’ (walk with a bounce) and wave her arms in time to music too.

Just recently however she’s realized that dancing isn’t necessarily a solo thing. Sitting at the kitchen table this morning catching up on email whilst Sylvie was watching Teletubbies she came over to me twice during musical pieces held out her hand and said ‘dance’. Nope there’s no video (yet) of me bopping around the living room to the tunes on Teletubbies – probably only a matter of time though 8-)

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This post was written by awk on February 27, 2003

Speech development

Sylvie is now just over 18 months old and her speech is gaining new recognizable words. Nothing too surprising about that but what is interesting is her current pre-occupation with words of one syllable ending in ‘t’ ie, wet, foot and cat. In particular she places great importance on strongly stressing the final ‘t’ sound.

She says these words a lot – even when they’re not true (wet is a particular favourite), and although she knows other words (frog and dog for example) she uses them only when appropriate to identify the animal in question in a book or outside.

Is this because she likes the sound ? Or is it the feel of her tongue on the roof of her mouth ? Or simply that we as her parents seem to find the words entertaining so she ‘performs’ for us ?

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This post was written by awk on February 26, 2003

Hiding Things

A new development in Sylvies behaviour. We have quite a few large area rugs around our house and Sylvie has taken to pulling up the corners and looking underneath. She can’t move the rugs since the all have large immovable pieces of furniture on them, however she can hide things under them. Mostly she hides what ever she happens to be playing with – a ball, or a block but it has included things of great value to her such as her pacifier.

She doesn’t leave things hidden for long and usually goes back to retrieve them quite quickly. Luckily she’s not yet taken to hiding really significant things like keys or her parents wallet etc.

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This post was written by awk on February 16, 2003

Morning Rituals (contd.)

Well it seems that Sylvie had no problems at day care. Carolyn (our daycare provider) said that although she seemed to want a cuddle and hug a little more than usual she was her regular self.

At home this evening Sylvie was her usual entertaining self. She seems to posess a great sense of rhythm and dances (ok bounces & stamps her feet and waves her arms) in time to music frequently. This evening was a particularly good show ! She went to bed without any problems too !

So if Sylvie is aware that Michele is aware then she’s not showing it much. We’ll see what the rest of the week brings !

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This post was written by awk on January 13, 2003

Morning Rituals

Like most families Michele, Sylvie and I have a regular morning pattern.

It’s normally fired into action at around 7:00 (if we’re lucky) by Sylvie waking us, followed by coffee for us and milk for Sylvie, then sitting in bed watching morning news until approx. 7:45 when we arise and dress etc for the day ahead. Sylvie heads off to daycare and Michele and I head to work.

This week is a little different (though not for the first time) and Sylvie is showing an awareness for the first time that things have changed.

Michele is in Europe until Friday (she left on Saturday) her work for the Internet Archive takes her away every one or two months sometimes for a day or two occasionally for a week. I enjoy these occasions to spend even more time with Sylvie and although she’s usually upset if Michele leaves the room she doesn’t seem to be so aware that Michele has left the continent.

Today seemed a little different, whether it was simply more space in the bed that gave her a clue or that I got her dressed instead of Michele I’m not sure. However she was undeniably more fractious and irritable than other mornings. She demanded to retain her pacifier even after she got up (usually she leaves it in the crib), she was also much more noisy – screaming and a little crying. When we got to daycare she gave our daycare provider a very strange look from under the eyebrows (children learning facial expressions is just as interesting as children learning language !). She wanted a hug as I got up to leave which is a little uncommon but said ‘bye-bye’ as I actually walked out the door.

We’ll see how the day progressed when I collect her this evening !

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This post was written by awk on January 13, 2003