Progress with Plextor

I’ve now got the tuner and audio features working too – here’s a sample.

At this point I still need to do some code cleanup, then I can go proceed with the real task of getting this code integrated into the MythTV recording functionality. That’ll probably take quite some time though – I think.

There are some AVSync issues and I’m not too sure how serious they’re going to be in the MythTV code. Right now my test app just reads from the USB pipes as fast as possible placing the data into the AVI file. This has no syncing between the streams since the pipes operate independantly. It may be that MythTV has code for syncing between the two streams (they’re independant with the Linux drivers too), or this may need to be addressed.

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This post was written by awk on May 26, 2006

Plextor TV402U

The Plextor TV402U is a USB video capture & compression device. It accepts composite, S-Video and ‘antenna’ signals and then converts and compresses those signals to either MPEG1, MPEG2 or MPEG4 video. It comes with Mac (or Window) software to talk to it from an app called EyeTV.

However what I really want is to be able to capture video using MythTV. MythTV supports this device on Linux and although more and more of Myth pieces are working on Mac OS X capture from analog sources is not one of them.

First milestone on the goal to MythTV capture on Mac OS X is to get my own code capturing from the device. The support in EyeTV is quite ‘embedded’ but there is an open source set of Linux drivers for the Plextor (and other similar devices).


I’ve finally managed to capture video from the Plextor TV402U device using my own ‘port’ of the Linux driver code. Here’s a sample capture. There’s no audio yet, and I don’t know if the tuner support works (though I suspect it’s probably ok) but this is a good first step. I’ll get the other features working and then work out how to ‘shoehorn’ this code into Myth.

Myth uses the Video 4 Linux APIs and my port so far attempts to preserve as much of those API’s as possible so hopefully this can be done without too much ‘hacking’ of either sets of code. However it’s important to note that this is not a port of the Video 4 Linux code to Mac OS. My code has a very similar API but it’s ‘hardcoded’ to the Plextor (and perhaps other GO7007 based) devices. It might serve as a model for other ports though.

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This post was written by awk on May 18, 2006