Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • Congrats. to my wife & my neighbor running in, Michele was 2nd in age group, Becky was 4th fastest woman! #
  • Ok – so not too many commercial breaks (and short ones at that) in the first hour but the second hour is way too overloaded! #lost #
  • RT @BastardMachine: OK, sure, a very short take on "Lost." (read some older Lost posts for great commentary too!) #
  • Proud of all the fine work in Fusion 3.1! Exposé works much better now & performance has some significant improvements! #
  • @danwood Somehow "toddwilhelm43" seems to have completely missed "Magical" from his list of adjectives. in reply to danwood #
  • Iain thinks I'm fitter than Michele. "boys don't have to do all those exercise things" #shtuffmysonsays #
  • If Balmer shows up at WWDC it'll be to announce QuickSilver on the iPhone. "I'll see your flash and raise you a Balmer" #
  • @awk By which of course I mean Balmer will announce Silverlight for iPhone…. QuickSilver is something completely different ! Need Coffee!! in reply to awk #
  • @herrod Doesn't look too bad to me – but where's the home ESXi/VSphere deployment ? Seems to be missing from your diagram ? in reply to herrod #
  • Great bit of writing by @danielpunkass #
  • For the parents in my neighbourhood whose Children have Bandz on their wrists : #
  • @scanlime Yeah I did – but I wouldn't put it past Ballmer to do something crazy ! Mind you Microsoft spoiled the fun 8-( in reply to scanlime #
  • @rascalking It's 'my' Google Tracks for the iphone (I Guess – didn't know about the 'droid app) Fellsware == awk in reply to rascalking #
  • Grrrr…. Missed the shuttle bus by 5 seconds and now I have to wait 10 mins AND now I have the chatty/cheerful driver! #
  • @rascalking I played with a friends nexus on the train this morning. Didn't see the bugs but it did seem 'overburdened' with features 8-) in reply to rascalking #
  • It gets better – bus driver just ran a red light in front of a fire truck making a left turn on a green filter light!! #
  • Now that sounds interesting ! #
  • @wilshipley @gruber I can watch any (correctly encoded) content I choose today on iPhone,iPad,iPod etc. I see a new AppleTV being the same in reply to wilshipley #

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