Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • @numist anticompetitive laws take a broad view: no GV on iPhone 'not a problem' use a different phone (android) there's still competition in reply to numist #
  • @patlee oohhh !! I'm really glad everyone is OK. in reply to patlee #
  • Train upgrades after my 2 weeks in CA: next train in 'n' minutes LED signs & automated 'next station' announcements on train #mbta #mbcr #
  • @gruber Guess we're done with that meme ? (Hopefully) in reply to gruber #
  • @DanGrover California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Wonderful after the recent rebuild – great aquarium ! in reply to DanGrover #
  • @Hybernaut nice new gig ! A new MacBook and now they want you to help transition from svn to git ? Your powers are strong young Jedi ! in reply to Hybernaut #
  • I know it's not *that early* but this bus driver is just too cheerful (yells 'keep smiling') as people get off at each stop. #
  • @chipx86 anyone (contractors ? Repairmen) been in your house ? I lost a camera in a robbery when the guy was interrupted – grab and run in reply to chipx86 #
  • @gruber did you know? His mothers maiden name was Balls but back then the hyphenation thing when getting married wasn't so popular #kidding in reply to gruber #
  • @jcarreiro guess that means no code reviews? Just kidding – enjoy the skiing !! in reply to jcarreiro #

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