Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • @kylesm imagine driving down a small country lane in England, coming around a corner and running into one of those ! in reply to kylesm #
  • @herrod Canadian flights typically use the domestic terminals. Inbound US immigration is handled *inside* Canada too ! in reply to herrod #
  • Uggh… After 3 months of commuting via bike & foot with the train I'd forgotten how much driving sucked ! #
  • @mattgemmell Do it – reading The Economist is a great thing! Mind you I'm a Briton surrounded by American Media – anything is an improvement in reply to mattgemmell #
  • @mmartel Oh my …. I just finished dinner and now I think I'm going to throw up ! Esp. after the party hosting one ! in reply to mmartel #
  • @mattgemmell But I think you'll feel just as 'f**ked' after the Windows 7 launch party too ! But probably not with quite the same 'glow' !? in reply to mattgemmell #
  • @alderete move to Boston ? Shaping up to be an 80 degree day here today (yesterday was high 70s) in reply to alderete #
  • @dlouhy I bet there's at least one of those posters in a bathroom with IR activated faucets (and hot air hand dryers without paper towels) in reply to dlouhy #
  • IIRC Steve Sakoman (later at Be then Palm, then back at Apple again – now ?) was involved in this #
  • Probably the best FUD yet : #
  • This is just f***ing ridiculous ! The Lowes in Woburn MA has *CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS* for sale !! It's still bloody September ! #
  • @jeremykezer yep and if you actually wanted Halloween things your screwed because they sold out of them back in July! in reply to jeremykezer #
  • @bbum just be grateful for GFCI otherwise the tweet before that last one could have been your final tweet ! in reply to bbum #
  • @dweekly ABC would usually need a couple of prior problems before revoking a license. Typically fine, suspension then revocation. in reply to dweekly #

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