Automated Testing for iPhone app acceptance ?

Craig Hockenberry writes a great post looking back at one year with the iTunes App Store and looking forwards for the next year.

Reading through it he mentions the thorn in the side of all iPhone Application Developers – the length of time it takes for an app to be reviewed and made available on the app store.

I wonder – doesn’t Apple have this process automated ? Not even some small part of it ? If not why not ? If they do have the process (or some part) automated then they should make it available either online through the iPhone Dev Center, or if it’s a standalone app that does the testing they should make it available for download at the iPhone Dev Center.

Rather than waiting on a small group of people to push the app through whatever automated process there is the effort can be massively distributed to the developers themselves. A requirement of submission to the app store (for whatever final human process is required) can be required to include a signed (everything about distribution on the iPhone is tied to signatures) certificate of test compliance.

Microsoft already does something very similar to this for submissions for its ‘Designed For Windows‘ program.

So come on Apple – if some part of the process isn’t automated: “Shame on you !” (automated testing is the way of the future – ask Google !). If some part is automated then get it to the developers !

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This post was written by awk on July 11, 2009

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  1. Daniel Switkin July 14, 2009 9:30 am

    This doesn’t address the fundamental problem: having a human being reviewing every update to every app is a slow, expensive, and non-scalable policy. It was a bad idea when we did that with Google Video, and it’s the main reason YouTube won. By comparison, I can update my Android application at any time and as often as needed. It takes less than a minute to post a new version on the Market. I can’t imagine waiting weeks to get approval for a point release.


  2. awk July 14, 2009 10:41 am

    Yep – getting rid of the humans would speed things up, but Apple clearly relishes the control !

    Decreasing the workload on a small group of humans still seems like an improvement though !

  3. John March 22, 2011 6:25 am

    Does “getting a point release to the Market in minutes” mean, then, that NO ONE tests? Can spyware and malware then sneak into Android code? Was does this mean for the integrity of Android apps?

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