Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-25

  • @chockenberry Just got an HP200W 20inch w/ DVI & VGA. Cheap ($200) quality is good – for the price in reply to chockenberry #
  • Rest-In-Peace (or Art?) Tony – another pioneer of British Childrens TV : #
  • The Fox News (don’t ask !) commentator is seriously comparing the inauguration to Dianas Funeral !? Similarity ? Lots and lots of people ! #
  • – for your listening pleasure #
  • CNN (1080i) covers the Inaugural Balls on Anderson Cooper 360 at 10 p.m. – AC: Madame Secretary – how are you enjoying your balls ? #
  • @ihnatko – Incoming letter from the attorneys ! in reply to Ihnatko #
  • #firstmac Macintosh IIci in 1992. Later a Power Macintosh 7100/66AV #
  • Interesting Jobs in TV : – The same job for 24 is pretty tough too – in that case continuity is a beast ! #
  • Windows 7 first time startup after install has a Cylon light bar !!! #
  • @patlee We had a Miele in California v. good (expensive), have a kitchenaid now also good (slightly cheaper). I’d take the Miele tho’ in reply to patlee #

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This post was written by awk on January 25, 2009

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25 years of Macintosh

On January 24 1984 Apple Computer introduced Macintosh – and suddenly for a great many people not only was 1984 not like 1984 neither was any of the next 25 years.

Being in the UK at the time I never saw the infamous SuperBowl Commercial – it was some years before I think I saw the first grainy QuickTime version. I had already been using an Apple IIe at my school, and during a trip to France in 1985 (I think, but it might actually have been the summer of 1984) I had my first exposure to a Macintosh in a small Apple Dealership in a town (whose name I now forget) not far from Paris. Little did I know at the time that I would eventually work for the then President of Apple France (Jean-Louis Gassee). However as a student a Macintosh was out of my financial reach and I had already become quite devoted to the BBC Microcomputer.

In 1991 whilst working in Munich for Digital I was finally able to afford a Macintosh IIci which then became my primary computer for the next few years. It formed part of my Undergraduate project (a transputer add-in card and host environment). I did add a PowerBook 150 a few years later and kept using it too for some time whilst working in Australia and travelling to the US. In 1996 just after the switch from 680×0 CPUs to PowerPC systems I purchased a PowerMac 7100/80av. The PowerMac 7100 could run a new OS – BeOS – a putative replacement for Apple’s aging System 9 OS. I became enamoured, and ultimately joined Be Inc working on the development of BeOS. Though by the time I started working for Be, Apple had made the decision to acquire Next and Be had adjusted focus to concentrate on an Intel/PC version of BeOS.

Since the PowerMac 7100/80av I’ve not owned very many ‘desktop’ Macs, rather I’ve had a series of PowerBooks (a couple of G4 models, and now a MacBook Pro). I did purchase a Mac Mini a couple of years ago which serves as a household media server and the like.

My development efforts for the Mac have really taken off over the last 8 years or so. After a brief hiatus between college and leaving Be when I was mostly working on Unix or BeOS development I’ve switched to doing about 60/40 (perhaps 70/30) Mac vs. Windows development. Working on OS X ports (from OS 9), plugins for browsers, audio applications, audio plugins, media applications, media device drivers, virtual platforms, and more device drivers.

I knew back in 1984 that I wanted a career in software development,  I knew then that the Mac would be interesting platform to work on. I don’t think I had any idea 25 years ago how far either the platform or I would go.

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This post was written by awk on January 24, 2009

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-18

  • @kylesm There are worse things to have stuck in your head you know ! in reply to kylesm #
  • Iain has an “Obama Kid” T-Shirt and is racing around the house yelling “Running for President” #
  • My wife went to Washington DC and all I got was this hat. In other news it’s 12 degrees F in Boston today. #
  • Just got pointed to -Brilliant ! #

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This post was written by awk on January 18, 2009

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Time Machine not Backing Up ?!

Recently my MacBook started to complain that it hadn’t been able to do a Backup successfully for the last 21 days !

My MacBook usually backs up regularly using Time Machine to a Volume shared from my Mac Mini (sharing a volume from another Mac is one of the few supported remote destination for backup options with Time Machine).

The volume was still shared from the Mac Mini but for some reason the MacBook didn’t see it when I connected via the Finder – other volumes and my home folder showed up fine though. Restarting the machines didn’t fix anything, so I resorted to Disk Utility to see if anything showed up there.

The only odd thing was that my Time Machine ‘server’ volume reported that “Owners Enabled” was “No” (at the bottom of the Disk Utility window). Disk utility doesn’t have a way to change/set this, but there is a command line utility you can run from Terminal that does :

vsdbutil -c /Volumes/TMServer
No entry found for '/Volumes/TMServer'.

If you run vsdbutil with the -a switch it will activate ownership on the specified volume :

bash-3.2# vsdbutil -a /Volumes/TMServer
bash-3.2# vsdbutil -c /Volumes/TMServer
Permissions on '/Volumes/TMServer' are enabled.

Once I re-enabled the Volume as a Shared Folder a Time Machine backup from the MacBook started almost immediately ! Success – Backups Restored !

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This post was written by awk on January 12, 2009

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-11

  • @Hybernaut I found myself on a ‘test’ train just before christmas ! Worked well ! in reply to Hybernaut #
  • If Phil Schiller giving the keynote is to show that Apple has life without Steve don’t expect Phil to be ‘empty handed’ ! #
  • So iWork ’09 shows up on the ‘Top Downloads’ list – at Number 5 !!! Anyone else think the list is fudged if an unavailable product is fifth! #
  • Oh dear – – You need to look at the large image to get the full ‘impact’ #
  • typical ! 6 months after becomming a citizen and less than 2 months after voting – I get a jury summons ! Time to o my civic duty ! #
  • Curious that all the ‘buzz’ in the Palm Pre is about apps written in CSS/HTML/Javascript. Last company who tried that got a backlash #

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This post was written by awk on January 11, 2009

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-04

  • Resting after a days icy telemark skiing at Smugglers Notch – regular downhill tomorrow I think. #
  • @kylesm Busy at the office then ? Or did everyone get a hair cut ? in reply to kylesm #
  • Colder & windier today at Smuggs. A little snow overnight means today would have been a better tele day but I’m on my downhill planks ! #
  • @danielpunkass no window defrosters – but roof defrosters for the ice dams seems smart. PS 8 degrees in Burlington VT & wind feels like 0! in reply to danielpunkass #
  • @danielpunkass My neighbours have roof defrosters I have worries ! 8-) in reply to danielpunkass #
  • Got home from VT expecting to clear the drive of 4-6 inches of snow. Instead a wonderful neighbour had cleared it for me ! Thanks ! #

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This post was written by awk on January 4, 2009

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