Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-28

  • @dsandler Tried Handbrake ? Or is this not a ‘video thing’ ? in reply to dsandler #
  • @dsandler Yep that’s been on Handbrakes wish list for a long time. What you can do is rip to MP4 then use QT to drop the video track. in reply to dsandler #
  • Woot ! WIFI on this train on the Lowell Line ! Supposed to become a standard feature by Spring 2009 #MBTA #
  • After Micheles IPA (iPhone Aquatic Accident) yesterday she now hopes Santa will bring a replacement ! #
  • @jeremykezer Of the Porcelain variety :-) in reply to jeremykezer #
  • @dangrover Don’t be dissing my accent now ! (My grandmother is a cockney you know !) in reply to dangrover #
  • My mother has been collecting toilet rolls at home – this doesn’t bode well. #
  • Santa came a day late for Michele She plugged in her (now dry) iPhone and it worked ! #
  • Not all good tho’ she put her SIM card in another phone and now can’t find that phone ! #

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