Thoughts on the MacWorld Keynote

I’m writing this ‘live’ whilst I watch the stream of details from MacRumorsLive – I’ve not posted it until the end of the keynote though.

  • Airport Extreme with Hard Drive (aka TimeCapsule) – reasonable product idea and the price seems OK. I really hope this means those of us with ‘original’ Airport Extremes can now use Time Machine to an attached drive (otherwise I’m going to be upset).
  • iPhone update – looks nice, not a lot to say. Maps with location detection sounds good – depending on accuracy.
  • Movie rentals – seems reasonably restricted, price is good too, less than my local movie store and on a par with On Demand pricing from FIOS. Hopefully the catalogue is fully featured.
  • Apple TV Take 2 – this sounds like a new box ? Can I upgrade my current Apple TV in any way ? It’s physically capable of much of the listed features, like HD and Dolby 5.1 (though HD playback beyond 720p24 is not currently specified).  If the box is upgradable to the newer software this makes the iOnTV project even better since it can transcode to the HD formats now – just needs AppleTV to support the playback. Aha – apparently it’s a free update in a couple of weeks, and the price for the base AppleTV is cheaper now too, only $229.
  • New MacBook Air – certainly thin and lightweight, as a programmer though I don’t think I’m in the sweetspot for this device (though I am looking for a new notebook). 13.3″ screen – larger than some, but probably still too small for me. Does have the multi-touch trackpad – could make for some interesting interaction behaviours – but as a developer would I want to develop and app just for this device (can you reasonably mix two control metaphors – multi-touch vs. mouse ?) Does have a hard drive though, that’s a little surprising since I know Apple has some serious brains looking at Flash based storage right now, aahhh but it has a 64GB Solid State Drive – that makes sense. Core 2 Duo processor, but a little slower than current MacBook Pros. Single USB 2.0 port, but no Firewire so you can add external optical drives (and hard drives), but you’re not going to be capturing video with this. $1799 for a machine with 80GB harddrive and 2GB memory, not bad – but I think the MacBook Pro fits my needs better even if it’s more expensive. I do see Michele looking longingly at this when she does her next notebook upgrade.
  • Randy Newman is starting to look a little old – I wonder what song he’s performing (the MacRumorsLive feed doesn’t say) ?

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This post was written by awk on January 15, 2008

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