Handbrake Stream Support fixes checked in

I’ve checked in some fixes to the Handbrake Stream support (SVN revision 976). Basically the fixes came down to a few areas:

  1. Streams originating on an HDHomeRun but exported by EyeTV have a PAT which lists all the programs in the stream as delivered by the HDHomeRun (i.e. although the HDHomeRun supports program filtering on the transport stream EyeTV doesn’t seem to use it). However the stream only contains a single PMT for the actual program exported.
  2. There was some mismatching of indices within the scanning code such that audio streams might not have been handled correctly, which meant that Handbrake would think no audio was present and then declare the entire title as invalid.
  3. I’ve also added code to support PMT’s which span more than one Transport Stream packet, though I’ve not really got any streams to fully test this so it might be broken.

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This post was written by awk on September 21, 2007

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