Revolutionary Rebate Experience

Say what you will about Apple’s price reduction on the iPhone and subsequent decision to give early customers an Apple Store credit for $100, but only Apple could actually implement it with such logistical finesse.

Every other technology company when offering a rebate does it using some sort of “fax or mail us the purchase receipt, and fill out this form too – we’ll send you a check (please allow 4-6 weeks for processing)”. This is rarely a satisfying experience, after waiting for your rebate it’s far too common instead to get a letter (after 8 weeks) saying that something was illegible on the receipt, or that the form was incorrectly filled out. It’s so bad that my father now refuse to buy any product with this sort of a rebate attached, unless the product is affordable at the price before rebate.

Apple’s approach is much simpler :

  1. Go to and enter the telephone number of your iPhone and it’s serial number.
  2. Wait for the (free) SMS Message on your iPhone containing an access code.
  3. Enter the access code on the website and then print out the displayed certificate. You can use the certificate at a retail Apple Store or you can use it at the online Apple store by entering the details.

Takes about three minutes, couldn’t be simpler and seems very reliable (I’ve not seen any complaints yet). It should even work for the relative of a colleague who was in one of the lines outside a store and bought a third phone from the guy in front of him for cash.

Not content with revolutionizing the phone buying experience Apple has even revolutionized the phone rebate experience !

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This post was written by awk on September 14, 2007

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