iPhone – Battery Life

Although it’s been a little ad-hoc I’m noticing significantly improved battery life if I’m not within range of a Wi-Fi network or if I turn off the Wi-Fi on the iPhone. The problem might also be exacerbated by having a ‘check for new mail’ setting rather than having a manual check.

I’m noticing that after 9 hours after a full charge has completed (with the Wi-Fi disabled) I still have as near as makes no difference a full charge (I’ve had one very short phone call in that period, and mail is autochecking but using Edge to do it). Previously I would estimate that in similar circumstances with the Wi-Fi on (and mail autochecking) I would have significantly less than 1/2 a battery remaining.

The next less than scientific test will be to have the Wi-Fi on but the mail auto check disabled, that way it should be clear whether it’s directed usage, or just having it enabled that’s the power drain.

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This post was written by awk on July 17, 2007

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