Boston CocoaHeads Meeting

A little late (I was sick on Friday) but here are some notes on Thursday evenings CocoaHeads meeting in Boston.This was my first visit so I didn’t really have any expectations, mostly I expected it to be a chance to meet a few other developers. It was a smallish crowd (around a dozen) with a mix of some students, some developers from other large companies such as myself (and another colleague from Avid), some software contractors, and a couple of ‘independent’ developers who are actually earning a living from Mac OS X software (Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater and Ken and Glen Aspeslagh from Ecamm Network)Some demos were given :

  • Jeff Dlouhy gave a demo of TabPosé a new feature he’s working on for Camino as part of the Google Summer of Code project. TabPosé is a neat looking idea, and though I’m not a big camino user (for some reason I seem contented with Safari) I can see it being ‘emulated’ in Safari in the future.
  • Ken Aspeslagh gave a demo of the weeks ‘hottest’ product iPhoneDrive. Ken and Glen wrote the product over the course of about 5 days and managed to get it out and ‘plastered over the web’ earlier in the week. It’s a great solution to the fact that the iPhone doesn’t have a ‘disk mode’ (unlike the iPod) and they got a lot of press for this product last week including a nice commendation from David Pogue apparently. Ken said that actually the toughest part of the whole project had been the ‘finder like’ portion of the UI which uses an NSBrowser in column mode. This isn’t a class I’ve played with but apparently it’s very ‘picky’ and doesn’t handle things like drag and drop at all well.
  • Dan Grover gave a demo of ShoveBox. It’s a small app which sits on the menu bar and provides a ‘drop point’ for ‘stuff’. Things can be ‘shoved’ in to the box and then organized, indexed and sorted. You can then pull things out again for use in other apps. It’s a little like the old Mac OS < X scrapbook, only way prettier and with 10 times the features. There was some general encouragement to Dan to ‘just ship’ and save some of the features he’s still trying to work the kinks out for V1.1 I think it was pretty clear for many of the developers in the audience that ‘getting things out there at V1.0′ is critical.

The meeting was great – it was a good opportunity to meet with other developers and talk about some of the issues facing small software developers. I look forward to going again and perhaps giving a demo of my own project !Oh and in one of those ‘small world’ moments – it turns out that Ken worked at Avid until about 2 or so years ago !

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