A Blast from the Past

Catching up on my unwatched hours of TIVO video I was watching the April 11th episode of MythBusters.

Part of the program was devoted to a myth that the human voice (it’s sound – not the air coming from a mouth) can extinguish a flame. Adam & Jamie are certainly talented but vocal performers they’re not, so they called on a local a capella group to assist with the myth. The group they used was Hookslide which includes amongst it’s members my former boss at BeGeorge Hoffman !

The group got some good screen time (though I had to stop watching the program to let Michele watch something she was more interested in !). Congratulations on the casting chaps !

Also in the same episode was some scenes filmed at Marin Biofeedback in San Rafael about a mile from where used to live.

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This post was written by awk on April 22, 2007

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