Wet and Windy Weather

The wet and windy weather this past Monday here in the Boston area has unfortunately taken it’s toll on a tree in front of our house. Although everything was fine (just a few small branches on the streets in the neighbourhood) when I went to work on Monday morning my parents (who were visiting) called me to say that a large single pine tree in the front yard had fallen across the street and into the power and telephone cables.

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The tree is (was) about 60 to 70 feet tall and had actually been stopped from falling further not by the cables but by trees in the yard of the house across the street. Without those trees it would certainly have fallen all the way to the ground. We still had power and phone at home (we lost power during the cleanup – but the phone stayed up throughout). When I arrived home both Winchester Police and Fire Department and the Town Public Works was on the scene though there was really nothing anyone could do until NStar (our local electric utility) and a tree crew arrived to take care of the problem. The police closed the road (though at least one car ignored the police tape !) and we waited for the crews to arrive.

I had expected a long wait since the storm had knocked out power to a lot of customers (but not us), and there were no live wires in the street and our street is in no way any sort of thoroughfare, however the tree and electric crew arrived at around 2:00pm and got straight to work. They cut of our power for around an hour whilst most of the tree was removed. First by removing the limbs from the top of the tree that were not entangled across the street and then tying the top portion of the tree into the trees across the street. Then they made one cut much nearer the cables which caused the tree to swing across the street and hang from the trees opposite (with some branches breaking – but it stayed up). Next the crew removed portions of the tree back around the cables (around 1.5 – 2 feet long) freeing the cables, once the cables were free they dropped the remaining 8 foot section on to our yard.

Next is cleanup – hopefully the town public works dept. will be by in the next day or two to clear the large logs and limbs from the side of the road. An NStar crew will be back to straighten the rather bent (but not broken) power pole near the tree (the weight of the tree on the cables caused it to bend pretty dramatically). Lastly we’ll need to get the stump extracted and plant a new tree (probably not something as tall and as vulnerable as the pine though).

OK - Take a deep breath and cut here For what could have been a pretty scary experience we were actually very lucky, the tree came down away from the house and no-one was near it as it fell. No cables were broken and no-one was injured. All the same not something I look forward to happening again – but one of the prices we pay for living in such a green environment.

There are more pictures here.

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