House Update

It’s been a while since the last update – the large gap is mostly because I’ve just been way to busy with moving and it’s aftermath. To start with although we really liked the location and design of our new home we weren’t so thrilled with some if it’s interior decorating, it hadn’t been updated in a number of years and a couple of the bedrooms had wallpaper that really wasn’t to our tastes.

So it had to be changed – and that meant lots of decorating work for yours truly. Both Iains bedroom and the master bedroom had wallpaper that needed to be stripped and all four bedrooms needed to be repainted : Princess Purple for Sylvie, Spongebob Seaweed Green for Iain, cream/yellow for the spare room and a tan/brown for the master. Oh and I had to get as much of this as possible done before we replaced the carpets which was scheduled for a week after we had moved in which in turn was scheduled in advance of the furniture arriving from California.

Painting two of the rooms wasn’t too much of a problem, Sylvie’s was pretty straightforward and the spare room was small (however it needed two coats since the original paint was particularly ‘bold’ – so it actually took more than a week to do). The wallpaper was not something I was looking forward too. Rather than hiring a steam stripper I purchased a gallon or so of ‘enzyme based’ wallpaper removal which worked remarkably well. Iains room took about an hour to strip back to the drywall, first step was to remove the surface part of the wallpaper (the coloured portion you see) which came off pretty easily in large pieces. Next was to spray a diluted form of the solution on to the remaining backing paper and let it soak in for about 15 minutes. Then pull of the backing paper – which in Iains room came of in single large sheets. There were only a few pieces that were tricky and a couple of spots that needed additional treatment with a scrubbing sponge and more solution. The resulting wall was clean and ‘good to go’. The master bedroom was much more challenging, first instead of being a ‘regular’ printed pattern wallpaper the paper was a texture paper using ‘strings’ of colored yarn to form the design. This made the first part of the stripping process much tougher. Instead of pulling of in large wide strips the paper had a tendency to rip and follow the vertical orientation of the strings, so instead of one 16–18 inch wide piece you got four or five 4–5 inch wide pieces. Next since the wallpaper had (I think) been up much longer it took a lot more effort to get the backing paper off, requiring a couple of applications of the solution and again rarely did the paper come off in large sheets. All in all stripping this room took 5–6 hours (though I was interrupted by a troublesome Cable TV installation), and the walls were not in quite as good a condition.

That meant by the time the carpet was installed only 2 rooms were totally completed, one room had under-coat and one top coat but needed another, and the last was only under-coated and had no top coat. Progress faltered with the installation of the carpet and my needing to spend time at the office, and lastly the furniture delivery (more on that little project in another post). So it wasn’t until this past weekend that I finally managed to finish the project of all four rooms, another ‘hit’ to the schedule was that I needed to put two coats of paint on the master bedroom since the paint we had chosen didn’t have the ‘depth’ needed to not look odd with only one coat.

I’ll get some before/after pictures posted soon.

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This post was written by awk on July 11, 2006