We’ve Moved

The California chapter of the Kimpton househould has ended (at least for quite a while – never say never !).

We closed on the purchase of the house in Winchester and ‘moved in’ on Thursday. I say ‘moved in’ since really I’m the only one with anything close to real belongings here in Massachusetts. For everyone else their ‘stuff’ is either in a truck or warehouse back in San Francisco.

We don’t expect to get any of our household belongings until late June (about 2 weeks from now). In the meantime the children are ‘camping out’ for a few days. Early next week Michele, Sylvie & Iain are going up to Vermont for a week or so until the truck arrives with the furniture. In the meantime I’m going stay at the house decorating (and working). Michele really wants to paint a lot of the rooms and also change the carpet too. That’s just much easier to do when there’s no furniture around – so now’s the time !

We’ve met a few of the neighbours (both human and animal) on Thursday afternoon, there are a lot of young children around and Iain has already made one friend next door. We also have animal neighbours too – there’s at least one remarkably tame bunny around the house, a family of chipmunks in the rocks in the garden and also plenty of squirrels.

Michele went out for an innaugural run in the fells this morning and promptly got lost – turning a 45 minute run into something more like 2 hours. I was beginning to wonder if I needed to start calling people ! Next time she says she’ll take a map (at least until she’s more familiar with the area).

I’ll try and keep the blog updated with photos of the decoration as it progresses.

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This post was written by awk on June 16, 2006

Dispsea Race Results

I’m back in California for the last time saying goodbye to friends and finishing the packing of our house before the movers arrive.

Today was the Dipsea Race and a great opportunity to catch up with a few people who couldn’t make it to our going away party on Saturday night since they’re dedicated runners and serious about this event !

I’ve uploaded some photos here. It was a pretty chilly foggy morning – typical for Mt Tamalpais and Stinson Beach and times seemed to be quick and perhaps would have been even quicker if not for the course change forced on the event by the state park service this year.

My friend Jamie Berns came in fifth ! Her best place ever – she keeps getting faster as she gets older ! Melody Ann Schultz was first (not entirely unexpected) and three other guys including Russ Mckiernan (another regular) were the next three. So Jamie was the second woman ! We were discussing at the part last night and think that Jamie might now have one of the highest counts of black shirts amongst the currently active women runners !

Way to go Jamie !

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This coming sunday (June 11th) is the 96th running of the Dipsea Race.

The race which starts in Mill Valley on the Eastern side of Mount Tamalpais then climbs over the should of Mt Tam to finish at Stinson beach is the oldest cross country foot race in the US (Boston has the oldest marathon in the US – but it’s not cross country). The Dipsea is full of great stories as you’d expect from an event that has been going on for a 100 years (they’ve not run the race a handful of times). Standout stories of course include Jack Kirk who ran the race until he was 96 years old (for a total of 68 times).

How can that be ? Well the Dipsea has handicapping system and gives headstarts to competitors based on age (I think the youngest competitor has been around 10-12). Young and old are given a handicap time, past winners however also have time subtracted. The final race finish order is decided on the basis of line honours (though congratulations are also given to standout race times). The top 35 finishers each year are also given a coveted black shirt with their finish number in white. The handicap system seems to work quite well – but it’s striking the number of over 50 runners who finish in the top 10. A top candidate to win is Melody Schultz who is over 60 this year – the handicap system does help her, but there’s no denying that she’s just plain fast !

I’m proud to say that my friend Jamie Berns has finished in the top 35 (top 10 last year) a number of times and stands a good chance of doing it again this weekend – and I wish her the best for this years race.

Another interesting part of the Dipsea race is that the route is a little ‘loose’, the rules do not presibe a particular route but they do require that people stay ‘on the trails’. In some cases for the experienced (or bold) the trails can be shorter but much steeper straight down the hill.

Check back with the Dipsea pages and also the Marin IJ Dipsea pages next week for the race results.

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This post was written by awk on June 7, 2006