Oooeer – a blog update !

It’s been a long time – work work work takes most of the blame.

Michele’s now about 7.5 months pregnant and the late pregnancy ‘nesting instinct’ common in many women seems to have really kicked in.

When Michele was pregnant with Sylvie it was at this point that we purchased a new house and moved. This time around things seems a little less dramatic, and I think a little cheaper, but it’s still lots of work for yours truly.

This time it’s home improvment projects, such as fixing various broken items around the house (some of which were well overdue it’s true), and of course decorating.

Decorating the second childs room is part of the plan but we’re starting with painting the family room. We’re also getting new carpets so that means we should take advantage of this and paint before the new carpets arrive. So for the last two weekends we’ve been painting (actually mostly me since I can’t expect my pregnant wife to climb on scaffolding to pain 14 feet high walls 8-). Originally it was only expected to be one weekend and painting two walls, but after the first weekend Michele observed that one of the remaining (off white) walls that hadn’t been painted now looked ‘dirty’ since it reflected the color of the opposite (newly painted) wall in a funky way. So that meant also painting a third wall, and well… that would leave one small wall unpainted so we should do that one too.

So this weekend Michele went to visit friends and I stayed home and painted (much easier actually to do this on your own), so that we could try and have everything done before the new carpets arrive this week. At the end of the weekend it was a partial success – I’d finished one of the other two walls, however the fourth and final wall was a problem – I ran out of paint (not entirely suprising since we’d only ordered enough to paint two walls in the first place). So now we have to order more paint (from a special store in Santa Monica – this paint uses nice colour dyes) which means we have to wait, and the new carpets will be installed with a half painted wall.

I’ll just have to be very careful when I finish the painting.

And of course in the meantime I’m actually still really busy at work. We have a major deadline for the AES show in New York on October 10-13, no clues but we really want to show something new (if the team can get it to demo state !)

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This post was written by awk on September 23, 2003