Is Cynicism the real danger ?

This mornings Forum program on KQED Radio included Stephen Webber amongst it’s panelists. Mr Webber is an advisor to the ACLU and made a great comment about the current state of ‘preparedness’ for Terrorist Attacks – paraphrasing somewhat :

‘Recently in New York the NYPD said that it had insufficient resources to provide safety for both the current threat level and safety for an Anti-War protest. However the lack of clear information regarding the facts behind the threat level and how truly severe it is to lead people to draw their own conclusions. What’s happening now is that people are progressing from skepticism to cynicism in the actions of the government’

Catching up on my blog reading this morning I also found this piece in Frank Boosmans weblog from Juan Benito. It too seems to have significant air of cynicism about the motives of the US government.

Is not the real threat to US democracy the increasingly cynical attitude of large amounts of the population to our own government. Decreasing turnout in elections has lead to a situation where the government could be adjudged to no longer be very representative. Will a loss of faith in the government damage the democractic process even further ?

Healthy skepticism is a good thing in the political process – but when skepticism becomes outright cynicism what is the path of recovery ?

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