SuperBowl XXXVII

(Or SuperBowl XXVII if you’re San Diego’s transit authority).

Of course my father had to call and gloat over his local teams win against the Raiders this evening.

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This post was written by awk on January 26, 2003

JWZ On Linux Video

Jamie Zawinski (previously of Netscape, now proprietor of the DNALounge) has a interesting rant on Video on Linux – I particularly enjoyed is opening comments about themes.

It’s a pretty good commentary on what’s wrong with most user level Linux apps.

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This post was written by awk on January 24, 2003


It’s good to see that Mike Pinkerton has overcome the depression caused by the release of what appears to be a competitive product that suddenly appears to be so much more popular than your own efforts. That can certainly sap your confidence and lead to some soul searching about why you bother.

In his case it hasn’t taken him too long to realize that there are things Safari can’t do that Chimera can, and that even if the two were in lock step with each feature for feaure many times the journey is the reward not the desitination.

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It’s time for NAMM (National Assoc. of Music Merchants) show in Anaheim.

Usually this show is just like one very large hangover – even if you don’t go to the parties !! Dry Orange county weather and too much loud music means that it only takes a few hours before you have a very bad headache !

Sadly this NAMM show there really isn’t anything standing out as a new and cool product announcement. Most of the big news in the software space are updates (Logic 6 & Protools 6). Protools 6 has been so heavily trailered over the last six months or so it’s not really news and whilst Logic 6 has lots of logic users happy it doesn’t seem to have anything really new.

If there’s one thing that’s become more apparent is that there are lot more people either committing or at least talking about supporting Apple’s AudioUnit standard – with the acquisition of Emagic last year by Apple and the acquisition just before christmas of Steinberg by Pinnacle this year could be a very interesting one. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a real plugin battle occur during the year !

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This post was written by awk on January 19, 2003

Indefinitely extending the definite

The Supreme court has handed down it’s decision on the Eldred Case regarding copyright extension.

The supreme court decided that Congress does have the right to legislate for extensions of the copyright act (Opinions here: Majority opinion ,Stevens’ dissent ,Breyer’s dissent)

This is most disappointing – there is a large and growing body of work which deserves to be in the public domain. It serves no-one to leave it languishing in obscurity or to deny large numbers of people access to classic works of the past.

Worse in rejecting the Eldred (and others) claims Congress can now take it upon themselves to extend copyright again and again in coming years so as to ensure that no ‘modern’ works are placed in the public domain. Thus reducing this issue to a battle between the commons and the lobbyists for media companies and conglomerates.

Oh dear !

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What did he say ?

What did Jack say to Nina in tonights episode of 24 ?

It seems that it’s going to be significant given they went to such length to use the background helicopter noise to blank it out, and even adjusted the camera angles during the (very short) scene so that it was difficult to even attempt to lip read !

Oh yeah – and boy are things getting nasty or what !

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This post was written by awk on January 14, 2003

Cyclone Ami

Tropical Cyclone Ami has just passed over Fiji mainly causing damage to the large island of Vanua Levu.

Hopefully Yasawa island which lies west of Vanua Levu was sufficiently far from the Cyclone’s track to avoid damage.

Yasawa was where Michele and I spent our honeymoon a few years ago (at the Yasawa Island Resort). The resort lies on the northern side of the island on a fairly open bay and may (hopefully not) have been badly damaged.

Yasawa is almost totally undeveloped, and although a large island only has a few villages including one of the last remaining traditional thatched roof villages which is obviously vulnerable in a cyclone.

It’s a great spot and I’m sure if they have suffered the Fijians will work to restore their homes and lives. If you ever have the chance to visit I thoroughly recommend it.

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This post was written by awk on January 14, 2003

Morning Rituals (contd.)

Well it seems that Sylvie had no problems at day care. Carolyn (our daycare provider) said that although she seemed to want a cuddle and hug a little more than usual she was her regular self.

At home this evening Sylvie was her usual entertaining self. She seems to posess a great sense of rhythm and dances (ok bounces & stamps her feet and waves her arms) in time to music frequently. This evening was a particularly good show ! She went to bed without any problems too !

So if Sylvie is aware that Michele is aware then she’s not showing it much. We’ll see what the rest of the week brings !

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Morning Rituals

Like most families Michele, Sylvie and I have a regular morning pattern.

It’s normally fired into action at around 7:00 (if we’re lucky) by Sylvie waking us, followed by coffee for us and milk for Sylvie, then sitting in bed watching morning news until approx. 7:45 when we arise and dress etc for the day ahead. Sylvie heads off to daycare and Michele and I head to work.

This week is a little different (though not for the first time) and Sylvie is showing an awareness for the first time that things have changed.

Michele is in Europe until Friday (she left on Saturday) her work for the Internet Archive takes her away every one or two months sometimes for a day or two occasionally for a week. I enjoy these occasions to spend even more time with Sylvie and although she’s usually upset if Michele leaves the room she doesn’t seem to be so aware that Michele has left the continent.

Today seemed a little different, whether it was simply more space in the bed that gave her a clue or that I got her dressed instead of Michele I’m not sure. However she was undeniably more fractious and irritable than other mornings. She demanded to retain her pacifier even after she got up (usually she leaves it in the crib), she was also much more noisy – screaming and a little crying. When we got to daycare she gave our daycare provider a very strange look from under the eyebrows (children learning facial expressions is just as interesting as children learning language !). She wanted a hug as I got up to leave which is a little uncommon but said ‘bye-bye’ as I actually walked out the door.

We’ll see how the day progressed when I collect her this evening !

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This post was written by awk on January 13, 2003

Blogging apps for OS X

I was thinking as I used w.Bloggar to make my last post that there’s a good opportunity for a similar app for Mac OS X. Well I shouldn’t have been too suprised then when I was reading Scot’s blog to find mention of an app called Kung-Log.

Kung-Log is pretty much what I was looking for. A simple app to edit and manipulate posts. It’s also a nice example of the the power of AppleScript and Cocoa and shows what can be done when you combine those two technologies with XML-RPC. The author mentions that he’s working on an objective-C implementation which might well gain some speed and would probably also allow the use of WebCore to preview Web Pages without needing an external browser.

Kung-Log also has the ability to recall recently played items from iTunes, always in interesting insight into the tastes of a blogger. Looking at the list on Kung-Foo TV this morning when downloading Kung-Log was a little ‘blast from the past’ since it included Carter USM AND Level 42 two bands from my days in College (Carter USM was a regular at my university) – the web is indeed full of shtuff !

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This post was written by awk on January 12, 2003