Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • I love my wife & kids! I got a fathers day gift I *thought* I had already traded for something else! I get an iPad *and* a new iPhone 4!! #
  • @massivevector I believe that the versions are identical between the WWDC era update and todays release in reply to massivevector #
  • @ichiroa @massivevector packaging size difference is probably just from the removal of beta or 'GM'. I trust apple not to screw up build #s in reply to ichiroa #
  • Beautiful evening for a spot of fishing and messing about on boats! #
  • Re last tweet: has the live telecast of the epic Mahut-Isner Wimbledon match, current at 53-53 (!) in the fifth set. #
  • @dlouhy So was he getting his new iPhone 4 ? in reply to dlouhy #
  • @danielpunkass Going to CambridgeSide store ? Update us with the line size – I'm planning to go down there at around 5:00pm in reply to danielpunkass #
  • @steve02476 No idea about the line at CambridgeSide – I'm near Boylston and the line there (for reservations) was long a couple of hours ago in reply to steve02476 #
  • @erik_price Yep – Sure does ! I'm planning to head down in about 3-4 hours, hopefully quieter by then in reply to erik_price #
  • @gonzalo_castro hey ! I'm standing in the line at cambridgeSide with your brother! #
  • @Gonzalo_Castro I lost track of your brother – but if you see him tell him I got my phone fine without any problems! #
  • Have new iPhone without *any* drama! Very happy! Hopefully activation at home goes smoothly! #
  • @danielpunkass line at CambridgeSide is now down to approx. 1hr. They will stay open until everyone in the line (@ 9:00pm) is served #
  • CambridgeSide store will also open at 8:00am on Friday to sell whatever stock of iPhones they have (unclaimed reservations) #
  • Also CambridgeSide store has no bumpers for iPhone 4, they got less bumpers than phones! But they *do* have the much sought after iPad case! #
  • @kirbyt I'm afraid I didn't notice if they had camera kits or not – sorry in reply to kirbyt #
  • @danielpunkass How annoyed will you be if there's only ONE iPhone (yours from yesterday ? 8-) 8-) in reply to danielpunkass #
  • @danielpunkass That's good ! I have a colleague who might have been down at the store too this morning. Hopefully she was lucky as well! in reply to danielpunkass #
  • FogBugz question – is there a way to NOT auto-respond to specific senders when handling submissions via email ? #lazytweet #
  • @jtrainer The problem is that you can't temporarily set your base SDK to 3.x to catch the new code you added that needs 'protection' in reply to jtrainer #
  • @jtrainer if you're using a 4.0 only API and try to compile with 3.2 base SDK the compiler will error on the new stuff in reply to jtrainer #

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