Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • @mmartel WTF ! Even Northeast China airlines (a regional China carrier) knew how much gas was in the tank! Which airline was Rob on? in reply to mmartel #
  • @mikebernardo so how exactly did the pilot explain that? "excuse me folks but BP only gave us 1/2 a tank and we need a top up?" in reply to mikebernardo #
  • So apple needs to 'work with the carriers' ? Or 'work with A carrier' ? Did the tethering debacle screw video calling for everyone else ? #
  • So… iPhone 4 displaces the iPad on the Fathers Day gift list 8-) #
  • @siegel @cdespinosa Wait a while ? Broader release for us 'aging Mac developers' – later ? in reply to siegel #
  • Oh boy… "Install time remaining: About 46 minutes" – this *IS* going to be a long night! #
  • Well – that was a rather quick 46 minutes ! #
  • Anyone have a link for the iPhone 3.1 SDK ? The GM 4.0 Seed doesn't include it and I still want to develop for non 4.0 devices ! #
  • @awk Nevermind – apps built against 4.0 will run on 3.1.3 so long as the deployment version is set appropriately. in reply to awk #
  • @tristan I'd go out if I were you ! That story is worth at least a couple of beers ! in reply to tristan #
  • Amazed at the (cheap) cost of iPhone replacement parts. Replaced a cracked screen on my 3gs (12.95) Purchased replacement LCD for 3g (28.95) #
  • Takes minutes to make/restore an iPhone Backup – and it STILL has to reinstall the apps !? AND music & videos ! Yeesh! #
  • @fraserspeirs I have to suspect that jobs won't care about desktops. Apple ][ was dropped for the new shiny Macintosh, NextStep for OS X ? in reply to fraserspeirs #

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