Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • @bluedonkey One wonders if iCon which got Wiley thrown out of the retail stores IIRC will get a listing on iBooks ? in reply to bluedonkey #
  • RT @bwalkin: Just published a blog post proposing some UI improvements to Xcode. Have a look. (good ideas !) #
  • @patlee I saw that article yesterday and forwarded it to the wife – probably very helpful tech for her (and you in a few years ?) in reply to patlee #
  • @dlouhy Dude! That's some swanky apartment in the lower Haight you found. Makes my old place in the 'swanky' Cole Valley look very boring! in reply to dlouhy #
  • @dlouhy awww I thought apple paid interns really well and was just about to quit, go back to school and then apply! Ohhh well… in reply to dlouhy #
  • @dweekly Not just Central Park, he did a bunch of work in Boston too: Boston Public Gardens and Emerald Necklace. Indeed – when did he sleep in reply to dweekly #

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