Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

  • For my little brother : (hat-tip to @siegel) #
  • @dsandler My office-mate with a natural keyboard agrees completely (if he taps really loudly I wonder if you can hear him 7 floors down?) in reply to dsandler #
  • @kylesm Cool ! Like to take a look one was 720p24 the other though is 720p30 (essentially). AppleTV ONLY does 720p24 and rejects others #
  • Cool! Thanks to @kylesm I can be sure that my (phantom) iPad will be able to play 720p 30fps video (AppleTV can't do that !) Looks good too! #
  • @chockenberry I thought at all AppStore apps (including Apples) obeyed the 'no private API' rule? It was the bundled apps that are exempt? in reply to chockenberry #
  • RT @emilsit: Maven's local repository is not thread-safe? And no parallel builds? Uh, wow. Uh @evanscha !? #
  • Feeling left out at this Cocoaheads – approx 40% of attendees have iPads out! #
  • @cdmnky well now you can comiserate with @jtrainer neither of you willget the goodness of iPhone OS 4.0 in reply to cdmnky #
  • @danielpunkass I think that is entirely the point, the language gives Apple freedom to make choices. They can say "We warned you" if needed in reply to danielpunkass #
  • RT @danielpunkass: New on Red Sweater Blog, a debugging story – As Kon & Bal would have said "Nasty!" #

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