Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

  • From summit of gatehouse chair. Good snow – some bumps 'cos it's not groomed. @sugarbush_vt #
  • Great mornings skiing! Could only really spare a couple of hours – but still worth it! @sugarbush_vt #
  • @postmechanical congratulations ! Good to see someone working ! Tho' in truth I was doing some initial testing for one of my apps !! in reply to postmechanical #
  • @jimcorreia stumble around until you find the carrots – eat them – repeat a few times and you won't need the lights ! in reply to jimcorreia #
  • @tristan I agree with @numist custom is not a lot more money. It allows a much better personal touch and match between the two rings too! in reply to tristan #
  • @mmartel Good luck Matt ! It's been great fun working with you ! Good luck in Colorado – I'm jealous 'cos they have the better snow 8-) in reply to mmartel #
  • My officemate is channeling Walt Mosspuppet whilst repeating the contents of our Business Conduct training – report harrassment by anal-ysts #
  • My manager just used the phrase 'Slack Off' in a team meeting ! I like my manager ! #
  • @postmechanical As in "You should all take 'that day' to slack off" in reply to postmechanical #
  • Working in my basement, distracted by the snow/ice falling from the roof and clanging on the metal basement door cover ! #
  • @Hybernaut That's unfortunate – it's been fine here on the other side of town. Cable down from snow/ice in the trees ? in reply to Hybernaut #
  • @jimcorreia It's switched back to rain here (after a few inches) – good that it's still snowing with you the mountains need it ! in reply to jimcorreia #
  • Heading out into the rain to clear the drive before it turns into a sloped skating rink overnight ! What fun ! At least it's snowing in VT ! #
  • What a difference a week makes ! About 2 feet at the base and a lot more up top. @sugarbush_vt #

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