Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • @dsandler That's exceedingly lucky (and is now of course one more place you'll look next time). in reply to dsandler #
  • @rentzsch If you've ever spoken with them or applied at all Google knows about you (also x-refed with fmr colleagues now at Google) in reply to rentzsch #
  • So there's a Vonage app in the app store ? Perhaps this is as simple as Google and Apple are just not BFF any more ? Tiff ? Lovers Spat ? #
  • I'm in ur UIButtonz monkeying with ur state ! [set..Image: forState:] FTW ! #
  • RT: @Hybernaut Review of VMWare Fusion 3:
    Anyone up for an Install Party with local Fusion team members at @betahouse? #
  • VMware Fusion 3 avail 10/27. 50 new features incl. Aero & 64-bit Snow Leopard. Pre-order open today (via @vmwarefusion) #
  • @dlouhy Seems perfectly reasonable to me – Win 7 runs well in a Fusion VM. Just no way I'm gonna do the same stuff as those MS Videos ! in reply to dlouhy #
  • @dsandler – Another Wedding ring tale of woe (with a happy ending) : (This chap seems *very* dedicated) #
  • @bmf I tend to think of my neurosurgeon as a mechanic (with Phd and MD 8-) – my checkups are 50000 mile services (about 1 every 3 years) #
  • @bmf Perhaps it's more like the difference between black-box and white-box testing ? One is distinctly more 'gory' than the other ! #
  • @danielpunkass I'll be there – late but there by around 9:45 in reply to danielpunkass #
  • Around the Clinton Breakfast Table this morning : "Honey !? You're not going to believe what your boss has done now !" #
  • @gruber Win 7 would get a lot more XP Users to upgrade if there WAS an ipgrade to Win 7 from XP and not a complete reinstallation. #
  • @mattgemmell I don't think those happy young people in the pic on that page represent T-Mobile customers current level of satisfaction ! in reply to mattgemmell #

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