Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • Perfect end to my birthday weekend: Bruce Hornsby at Berklee with my wonderful wife and great friends Becky, Mike & Kevin #
  • Bah ! I've been carrying my bike (folded) into the office for a month. This morning the guy on the door suddenly decides it's not allowed ! #
  • Woot ! My brother gave me the Blu-Ray version of the original 60s version of "The Italian Job" thanks James !! #
  • Fun fact about "The Italian Job" – it's 23 days 'older' than I am 8-) #
  • Weird, got stuck during an install. I quit the iPhone Simulator (a clue in the system.log) and restart the install & it worked #
  • OK – my weird installer problem is definately reproducible. Different installer hung until the iPhoneSimulator quit. #
  • @kylesm Related : in reply to kylesm #
  • So building mgmt tells me that "No bikes in the building – folding or otherwise" and that they're not going to change the rules. Bah ! #
  • Do the Cheeseheads need to get a sense of humour ? #
  • @tristan Can you go into more detail on the CoreLocation problem ? I've not seen this – only in some circumstances ? in reply to tristan #

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