Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • Great afternoon sailing yesterday on LakeChamplain in a 24' Paceship rented from Ladds Marina in Hero. Sadly now on our way home 8-( #
  • RIP Ted Kennedy. Coincidentally last nights skate here in Boston included a brief stop at the JFK library. #tedkennedy #
  • Route for last 1/2 of last nights skate #
  • My new wheels. Approx 7 mins (obeying the lights) from home to station instead of 20+ by foot. #
  • @emilsit it's a Brompton – it's in my office if you want to check it out in reply to emilsit #
  • @jeremykezer I saw a cool 'big fat tire' unicycle in a Vermont bike store last week. Cheap too < $200 IIRC. Not too good for the city tho in reply to jeremykezer #
  • At B of A pavilion for The Black Crowes. Good opening set by Levon Hall and Band right now. #
  • Funky new engine arrangement on this train – two test ultra low sulphur emission units at one end and a 'regular' engine at the other #mbcr #
  • After yesterdays unicycle comment I actually just passed someone on a unicycle !! #onlyincambridge #
  • On my way to the Apple store to pick up a copy of Snow Leopard before heading to the @betahouse install party. #
  • @mmartel congratulations on going indie fulltime (I think ? 8-) in reply to mmartel #
  • @dsandler the store didn't seem that busy – you might want to just try showing up. There were genius' at the bar doing 'things' in reply to dsandler #
  • @dlouhy Looks like @jonpierce somehow got a copy of the Windows 7 install instructions ! in reply to dlouhy #
  • Typical ! I rush to get to the 5:10 train (by bike Kendall Square to North station in 10 mins!) and the train is delayed 8-( #
  • Hmm… a problem that existed on my beta Snow Leopard installs also exists on my upgraded Leopard partition. Sound is forced to optical out! #
  • If I plugin headphones it works fine, but the internal speakers don't seem to 'appear' at all in the devices list ! #
  • Speaker problem fixed with careful use of a toothpick in the headphone jack to reset the optical jack detection switch. #

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