Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-02

  • At bigelows – Rockville center Long island. Fried seafood nirvana !! #
  • Waiting for the Bolt Bus (1/10th cost of train and free wifi ! We'll see how it works out). Absolutely pouring in midtown Manhattan!! #
  • @BoltBus Thanks for caring ! Rain stopped sun came out for the ride uptown. Central park looked nice after the rain ! in reply to BoltBus #
  • (via @tristan) as a new google voice user (who purchased this app last week – thankfully) this is most dissapointing ! in reply to tristan #
  • Good trip on the boltbus. Arrived about 25 mins ahead of schedule. Not the best work environment – but you can't grumble about the price ! #
  • @mmartel Built in VPN on SL works with cisco gear tho ! That's an improvement in reply to mmartel #
  • Wondering why red line trains go out of service at Park St forcing hundreds of passengers to wait on the platform ? #mbta #
  • @dsandler there used to be a Jetblue flight direct BOS to SJC but I believe it has now been dropped. Virgin flies BOS to SFO though in reply to dsandler #
  • @mikebernardo the tone seems to be taking a turn for the worse. The delayed withdrawal and issues around innovation are concerning me tho in reply to mikebernardo #
  • 1 reason 'why now?' for the google voice app removals – GV started ramping up invites approx 14 days ago. No longer a small number of users. #
  • @tristan tried flickit ? @mikebernardo would probably appreciate the feedback in reply to tristan #
  • @bmf I think the only world where people can resell iPhones unmolested would be one where AT&T/Apple stores weren't exclusive providers in reply to bmf #

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