Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

  • Jamie & Roy both finished in the top 35 (Jamie is now tied for the most 'black shirts' amongst women). Also caught up with other old friends #
  • @tristan Did they pay full price for their iPhone 3G back then? Their 'clock' may be running from the last time they got a subsidised phone in reply to tristan #
  • @mmartel snow leopard includes built in cisco VPN support. Works well for me once you know group names and shared secrets etc in reply to mmartel #
  • @postmechanical there are tools to decode it from the cisco .pcf (?) file that is provided – Google is your friend 8-) in reply to postmechanical #
  • @erik_price that makes no sense! Sure they didn't mean one per customer on Friday whilst they try to make their allocated units stretch ? in reply to erik_price #
  • @jcarreiro in the future I suggest you skip a step by simply asking other engineers to write your code! in reply to jcarreiro #
  • @jeremykezer See – that should have been me last Sunday ! in reply to jeremykezer #
  • @dsandler Congratulations on finding a place in Boston ! Time for a dinner with a bunch of us soon ? in reply to dsandler #
  • @danielpunkass Put a button aside for me please. I can't be there tonight 8-( (Family commitments after 12 days in California) in reply to danielpunkass #
  • other cards included ? Only cash missing ? My wife had a similar experience after her wallet was stolen. #
  • @postmechanical it wasn't found in Tewkesbury was it ? My wifes wallet – stolen in Woburn – showed up in a post box in Tewksbury !! in reply to postmechanical #
  • Fu**ing loud alarm in the AT&T store at cambridgeside ! #
  • Why am I in the AT&T store? Cos if you're not the primary account holder on family plan apple can't sell you a phone without that person #
  • Ok ! Now that I added myself as an authorized user I'll go back to AT&T and try that again (you can do that online) #attfail #
  • 2nd time was a charm at the AT&T Store – now have shiny new phone ! Yippee ! #
  • @jeremykezer Black (16GB) for me – had to pay 'full price' so not splurging. in reply to jeremykezer #
  • @nickhaddady I've not used the phone enough yet today to form an impression. Coming from an original 1st gen iPhone I'd hope so ! in reply to nickhaddady #

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