Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-14

  • There had better be a new iPhone this week (and it better ship now). I managed to loose mine 2 hours before leaving for WWDC :-( #
  • @dsandler Welcome to Boston – my wife laughed when I bought a GPS, until she followed me a few months later… in reply to dsandler #
  • @kylesm I’m thinking a ‘refurbed iPod Touch’ with AT&T Go Phone Duct Taped to the back ? Maybe ? iPhone 4DT (Duct Tape) in reply to kylesm #
  • @cdespinosa iPhone 3GS’ camera is definitely an improvement – but i think the camera is about 240 pixels too short t truly take on Flip/Zi6 in reply to cdespinosa #
  • @jimcorreia only if you spot me in a ‘Be’ shirt during the week 8-) in reply to jimcorreia #
  • Back at hotel after dinner with Avid folks at Park Chow in my old neighbourhood. Now to see if I can get more than 5 hours sleep tonight ! #
  • Interesting – the iPhone 3GS Tech Specs ( calls out ‘oleophobic’ coating – missing from the iPhone 3G #
  • Hah the date picker example in iPhone UI Session was my birthday ! #wwdc #
  • WWDC Snow Leopard Server Seed seems to install and run fine on Fusion 2.0.4 #wwdc #
  • In “managing kernel extensions” ’bout 10 rows from the front. #wwdc #
  • I have significant doubts that all these people are gonna fit in the Marina room #wwdc #
  • Marina is like the TARDIS – actually just enough space ! #wwdc #
  • @dweekly I doubt Apple’s all that dissapointed about the price comparisons with the Pre. in reply to dweekly #
  • @mikebernardo nope gonna do food then stump – perhaps catch the end of ADAs if time allows in reply to mikebernardo #
  • @bgertzfield funnily enough lake louise is on our shortlist for our 10th anniversary this fall in reply to bgertzfield #
  • @bgertzfield which one ? Concurrent programming ? in reply to bgertzfield #
  • Sheesh ! Dude next to me is *continually* kicking the table enough to shake both our screens ! Oh – he stopped !? Nope started up again #
  • Woohoo twitchy dude left ! No more continual seismic events ! #
  • @jimcorreia Which session is that ? I want to see the carnage ! in reply to jimcorreia #
  • Getting a few good comments on my T-Shirt choice for today #WWDC #beos #
  • @mikebernardo yep probably gonna be packed tho’ ! in reply to mikebernardo #
  • @mikebernardo ok try and save me a spot I’m gonna drop my bag at the hotel in reply to mikebernardo #
  • At advanced debugging & perf. Analysis in Noob Hill #wwdc #
  • @cdmnky I have one and it’s looking very promising ! in reply to cdmnky #
  • @danielpunkass staying for ‘view controllers’ ? Where are you sitting ? in reply to danielpunkass #
  • @jimcorreia where are/were you ? That sounds like a great Q &. A in reply to jimcorreia #
  • @jeremykezer yep me too – decided that I’ll never use it and left of behind. in reply to jeremykezer #
  • Woot ! Michele found my iPhone in the mud room at home! Of course I’m going to replace it anyway 24 hours after getting back to Boston #
  • @jimcorreia Lucky you – Plague of WWDC struck me: I have a head cold, cough and chest congestion. Using a quiet weekend to get over it in reply to jimcorreia #
  • @bgertzfield Hah ! I was down at Fort Mason watching Robogames this afternoon. I thought of you when I saw Roller Derby setting up next door in reply to bgertzfield #
  • On my way to The Dipsea – to watch some friends ! Good Luck Jamie, Jack, Roy & everyone else ! #

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