Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-10

  • @DanGrover I’m sure you’ve been told “the brain is complex” & as I’m finding out – it’s a black box with few good test inputs/outputs in reply to DanGrover #
  • Getting a comprehensive neuro-opthamology work up. Follow on from Sundays dizziness and ER visit. Now waiting for the dilating drops to work #
  • @chuckdude thanks for the thoughts – it’s not inner ear it’s almost certainly neuro (that’s not a surprise) still working the details 8-) in reply to chuckdude #
  • @mmartel Dude ! I thought you were talking about my code ! in reply to mmartel #
  • @mmartel Just to be even more confusing the dev lead on Fusion had a fender-bender (with an unmarked police car) the day after your accident in reply to mmartel #
  • @dsandler Personalized .dmg ? Includes your dev-id for convenient torrent trackbacks ? in reply to dsandler #
  • @mmartel Dunno not a fusion I think – accident was the other persons fault too (rear-ended so minor) in reply to mmartel #
  • Getting both brains looked at. Apple store for a MacBook ‘wakeup’ problem and Tufts neuro-vascular for my noggin #
  • Turns out my neurosurgeon is a geek (8tb of NAS and an 8 core workstation for fluid dynamics in his office) and of course a fusion user ! #
  • So the mac wouldn’t fail in the store – but as soon as I got home … #
  • For my noggin better pictures are needed, so they’re going to schedule an angiogram in about a week (after the scanner SW upgrade ‘settles’) #

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