VMware at Macworld

The Mac faithful will all be watching San Francisco next week – to see what his ‘greatness’ announces.

VMware will be there too (for the first time I think). I doubt VMware’s announcements will rise to the same level of hysteria that will be associated with anything Apple announces – but there’s going to be some good stuff !

So if you’re there drop by the booth – unfortunately I won’t be travelling to the show, but there will be a variety of other VMware engineers involved with Fusion who will be there during the show.

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This post was written by awk on January 11, 2008

Movin’ On

Today was my last day at Avid.

On Monday I start my new job at VMware.

Avid has been a great 21 months – but VMware gives me an opportunity to do something a little different. It’s both exciting and a little ‘scary’ at the same time. I’m still going to be writing software but no longer will it be products for creative people in audio, video or 3D – which was what I’ve been doing for the last decade.

The position at VMware gives me an opportunity to work on some technically very challenging issues and improve some skills (it’s not easy for me to say much at this point about precisely what I’ll be doing). It’ll also be interesting because I’m not moving back to California (VMware’s head office is in Palo Alto), Michele & I  and the children like it too much here to move again ! VMware has a pretty large office in Cambridge right across the street from MIT, in fact it’s literally across the street from Michele’s office at MIT. Although there are over 100 employees in the Cambridge location (and vacancies for more to join 8-) the rest of my team and my manager are in the Palo  Alto office which will be something new for me too. There’ll be some trips back and forth as part of my work – so people in the Bay Area I’ve not seen for some time (particularly in the valley and south bay) might get some visits !

I’ll try and blog some more about what it’s like starting a new job in the coming weeks.

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This post was written by awk on January 4, 2008