Leopard Upgrades

I upgraded my Intel Mac Mini and PowerPC PowerBook this weekend with the final version of Leopard. Upgrading the Mac Mini was completely painless with no problems whatsoever.The PowerBook however was  more troublesome. After a backup using SuperDuper (always  backup before installing 8-) I began the upgrade. Why upgrade and not a clean or ‘archive’ install ? Well I don’t really have the disk space for an archive install (which moves the old /System folder aside and creates a new one), also I didn’t really feel like spending another couple of hours restoring all my old stuff – and hey upgrades are supposed to work !Shortly after beginning the install the Installer Application displayed an error dialog and told me to reboot with a message of ‘try again’. Unfortunately on the next reboot from the installation DVD my hard drives were ‘missing’ (don’t panic !) I know they’re still in the box somewhere -  but perhaps I will be doing a clean install after all ! Running Disk Utility from the installation DVD didn’t help. I’d had a problem during the Leopard betas where the Tiger partition (my drive has two partitions one for ‘seed’ releases the other for the current shipping version) would somehow get set to ‘invisible’ – it seemed like this problem had occurred in the middle of the installation !Fortunately I had a copy of TechWarrior DiskTools and ran the repair process – this seemed to recover everything back to how it had been before and this time the installation process worked fine…Until I launched Mail when it complained about ‘not having a keychain’. This too had an echo of the past – I remembered that a couple of years ago I had had a problem with a keychain also ‘disappearing’ magically. It too looked to have reoccurred. I launched the Keychain Access program and ran it’s ‘first aid’ option and saw that it was complaining about a ‘login’ keychain but no ‘awk’ keychain.  I took a gamble and copied the login keychain to awk (~/Library/Keychains/awk.keychain) reran the first aid option and things looked fine. Mail too was happy.So far everything else seems fine – I put my problems down to having a Tiger installation that’s ‘been through the wringer’ a bit over the years. 

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This post was written by awk on October 29, 2007

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