Fake Steve’s sick after visiting ‘The Borg’ ?

See here. Funnily enough the last time I went to the Microsoft Campus I got sick too – only this time I did eat there. I can’t be sure whether it really was the lunch (catered for the event I was at – I didn’t eat in one of the cafeterias) or what I ate that evening off campus for dinner.

Whatever it was – by about 3:00am the next morning having had about 4 hours of continual throwing up I decided to go to the local emergency room. They gave me some compazine and a ton of IV fluids to re-hydrate me and luckily by about 5:30 I was able to go back to the hotel.

Why lucky ? Because this all happened in the early hours of February 28th 2001 – a few hours after I left the Emergency Room it went into full disaster mode because of the Nisqually Earthquake

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This post was written by awk on October 27, 2007

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