Transport Stream Support

An initial version of patches to Handbrake to support Transport Streams (and Program Streams) is now available at–ts-patch.tar.gz . These patches should apply cleanly against SVN Rev 552 (you mileage may vary with other revisions – but libhb has been relatively stable). In addition to unpacking the archive and applying the included patches you’ll need to add libhb/stream.c to the XCode Project file -> libhb Sources folder (libhb and libhb dlib targets). I’ve not included a patch to do this since patching XCode Project files is usually a hit and miss affair.

These changes should support the style of transport streams in common use here in the US for Digital Broadcasting (MPEG-2 Video Streams and AC3/A52 audio streams). Although multiple audio streams in a transport file will be displayed in the audio tab on handbrake so you can choose the one you want only one video stream is supported (no real PMT/PAT support in this patch). Also if the transport stream contains audio other than AC3/A52 it will not be handled correctly, LPCM and MPEG-2 Audio in a program stream should work but there’s some evidence of issues in Handbrake with those audio types.

Next on my to-do list (besides any bugs that might come up) is looking into that non-AC3 audio problems in Handbrake, and then real multiple program transport stream support.

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This post was written by awk on April 26, 2007


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