We’ve Moved

The California chapter of the Kimpton househould has ended (at least for quite a while – never say never !).

We closed on the purchase of the house in Winchester and ‘moved in’ on Thursday. I say ‘moved in’ since really I’m the only one with anything close to real belongings here in Massachusetts. For everyone else their ‘stuff’ is either in a truck or warehouse back in San Francisco.

We don’t expect to get any of our household belongings until late June (about 2 weeks from now). In the meantime the children are ‘camping out’ for a few days. Early next week Michele, Sylvie & Iain are going up to Vermont for a week or so until the truck arrives with the furniture. In the meantime I’m going stay at the house decorating (and working). Michele really wants to paint a lot of the rooms and also change the carpet too. That’s just much easier to do when there’s no furniture around – so now’s the time !

We’ve met a few of the neighbours (both human and animal) on Thursday afternoon, there are a lot of young children around and Iain has already made one friend next door. We also have animal neighbours too – there’s at least one remarkably tame bunny around the house, a family of chipmunks in the rocks in the garden and also plenty of squirrels.

Michele went out for an innaugural run in the fells this morning and promptly got lost – turning a 45 minute run into something more like 2 hours. I was beginning to wonder if I needed to start calling people ! Next time she says she’ll take a map (at least until she’s more familiar with the area).

I’ll try and keep the blog updated with photos of the decoration as it progresses.

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