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We put an offer on a house at 46 Fells Road Winchester. Today was inspection day. The house is only 16 years old so we weren’t really expecting any problems, and luckily only a couple of things came up :

There is some small amounts of water (rot) damage to some of the trim on the outside of the house, and one window.

There appears to be some sort of small leak in the roof of the family room. The most likely explanation is that there is a leak somewhere around the vents on the ridge line of the roof. Since it’s been raining here very hard for some days now this probably is about as bad as it’s going to get.

The really good news is that the basement was completely dry, which after all the rain is a good thing, and more than can be said for the basement in the house where I’m staying. Since I sleep in the basement there inch or so of water around my bed is not a good thing !

The rest of the house looked great and in fine condition. So we’ll go forward and sign the purchase and sales agreement tomorrow (Monday) and close in mid-June.

There are some more photos on my flicker page.

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This post was written by awk on May 14, 2006

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