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It’s been quite a while since my last entry, but in that time we’ve managed to sell our house in San Rafael (for a modest discount from what we were asking – but we’re happy). So now we really need to find a house here in the Boston area. We’ve refined our location choices quite a bit and are now pretty set on either Concord or Winchester. There’s one property in Concord which is pretty much our top choice for that area, so I went out today (and last weekend) to look at homes for sale in Winchester. Here’s a run down of my ‘findings’.

26 Cabot St A well maintained older house, and in a great neighbourhood on a nice quiet street. Unfortunately some years ago (I would estimate 20-30 at least) the owners sold half their lot and a second house was built. That effectively removed the rear garden of this house and makes in unattractive for us.

4 Grove St A really nice old victorian house, with a surprisingly good interior layout and a nice yard. It’s one detraction is that it’s close to a rather busy junction and street. It’s also listed as having only 2550 sq. ft interior – although it felt larger.

1 Fernway We looked at a slightly more expensive house further ‘up the hill’ from this property last week – so this was a ‘comparison’ oppurtunity. This house however really doesn’t match up to the other property, it’s much closer to the main road and has a much smaller yard. Although the other house at 29 Mccall Road is more expensive it probably offers better value.

21 Blossom Hill Road This is a cape that has been quite well renovated both inside and out. However they’ve done little to fix the basic problems with the cape design – not enough space upstairs. There’s no master bathroom upstairs, just one shared bathroom with a second bedroom. The other two bedrooms are on the ground floor level.

4 Ravine Road At a little over 1.5 million this house is out of our budget but we had some time to kill between houses so we took a look anyway. But… eeeekkk ! What a dreadfully poorly designed house, whilst some parts are really spacious the bedrooms were tiny for such a large house. The indoor ‘spa pool’ seemed almost to be on top of the kitchen ! My suggestion to my realtor was to find out who the architect was and stay a long way away from anything they had designed !

14 Ardley Road This was a great house, and although a little expensive for the square footage in comparison to some it’s a great location and a really nice house ! The problems ? Well… the sellers are returning to Australia and want a late summer close – I’m not sure if we want to wait that long. Also the selling realtor is intimating that there’s a lot of interest and I’m not sure if we want to get involved in a bidding war.

Michele’s coming out on Tuesday so we’ll look at some of these houses, and perhaps some others then and see where we’re heading.

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