Lunch at ILM

Peter Murphy a former colleague both at Pulse and at BIAS is now working at ILM (along with another ex-Pulse colleague Alex Tang).

Again the benefts of working in San Francisco this week meant I could spare the time to have lunch with Peter in the new Letterman Digital Arts Center (aka ILM Buildings) in the Presidio. I’d seen the buildings as they were being built since Michele’s office is also in the Presidio but this was my first visit inside.

In a word – Cool ! It’s a really nicely designed complex ! The buildings are large and spacious and whilst I only got to see a couple of ‘offices’ they were large open spaces with almost no pillars or vertical cable conduits, rather all the cables come up through the floors. I also got to see briefly the inside of the main preview room. Now that’s a place to watch a movie ! Digital and film projection and of course the highest quality THX certified sound system and environment money can buy ! The local AMC Cinema is about as far removed from this cinema as a cheap saloon car is from a Rolls Royce !

Peter’s working in the R & D Dept on ILM’s in house modelling and animation tools and right now is working to make sure that the Technical Directors on Pirates of the Carribean 2 can continue to work and have their bugs fixed etc.

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