Dinner in Somerville

I managed to catch up with an old colleague from Be last night – Jim Rippie. Jim’s a long time resident of Boston and of Somerville in particular, so he was a good guide to the ‘cool hip spots’ 8-) We had dinner at Gargoyles on Davis Square, a restaurant that would fit right in on Chestnut St or similar in San Francisco. A good contemporary american menu with asian influences. I had a good duck confit on sticky rice, Jim ordered a crusted halibut (roasted I think) with a chili accompaniment. Desert was a great small flour-less chocolate cake.

Tomorrow I head back to California for a week. I’ll be spending quite a bit of time being a father again – especially since Michele will be in Denmark for much of the week. I’ll be working in the Digidesign offices for most of the week, trying to fix bugs and also do some research into some technologies that we might be able to share between Digidesign and the audio team at Avid. I’ll be back in (a probably still chilly) Boston on April 3rd

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This post was written by awk on March 23, 2006

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