I went to a couple of Open Houses in Lexington this afternoon (I’d been feeling a little unwell, but thought the ‘fresh air’ would be good – it seems to have helped).

First stop was a pair of houses close to downtown. They were well laid out and well appointed properties, however they both suffered from the fact that two largeish adjacent plots had been redivided into three properties (the first had already sold). What was left were some nice houses on a very small amount of land (considerably less than we have in California), and although flat there was really no place for children to play etc. A pity because in all other respects the properties were very nice and in a good location.

The second home as a non-starter, it looked good in the photo and from the descriptions however it was really very small and very old inside. With some considerable interior updates it could be quite a nice house, but that’s probably more work than we want to sign up for right now.

The final home was on a nice lot but quite a long way from the town center of Lexington, it was also close enough to the 95/128 freeway to hear the traffic noise. Again it was an older property and although it had been updated it still felt a little ‘dated’.

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This post was written by awk on March 19, 2006

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