Newton, Sudbury, Acton & Andover

Househunting day again today.

I drove over to Newton this morning – it has a reasonable town center around the ‘T’ (commuter rail) station. It didn’t feel all that ‘great’ though – a bit too urban I think. Especially in comparison to towns like Concord. There are certainly some nice properties but they’re more expensive and I think the commute is probably a bit too long for the ‘value’ of the town.

After Newton I drove through Sudbury and looked at a few houses. Sudbury feels a lot like Lincoln, plenty of open space, but no real town center like Lincoln, it’s also small enough that it doesn’t have it’s own High School, in fact it shares it’s High School with Lincoln.

I then went on to look at open houses in Concord, Acton and Andover. More details below …

The first open house was in Concord at 33 Summit Drive a very nice house, however it’s about 3.5 miles from the Concord town center which is too far really.

Next was 24 Summer St Acton it’s a new house with probably 2 more months of construction (the agent gave what I think was an optimistic quote of 6 weeks). Acton, or more accurately West Acton has a small but nice little row of shops with a bit of an overabundance of Italian resturants (there were 3). The West Acton village center was less than 0.5 miles from the Summer St house. The house certainly sounds from the agents description as though it’s going to be very high quality with a very high level of fittings and finishes. There are photos of West Acton here.

I also looked at two houses on Nagog Hill Road in Acton, the first was at 226 Nagog Hill Road This was a really nice house – and I think very good value for the money, it had a nice yard and was very close to the Nagog Pond and the nearby trails. The house had had some upgrades done (mostly on the kitchen) but still needed an upgrade to the Master Bathroom (though the present one was serviceable). The basement was semi-finished but the house also had a library with office, so it didn’t seem like I’d need to put an office in the basement anyway. The only problem with this house (and even more with the next) is that it was a mile from the historic Acton Center and more than 3 miles from the West Acton Village which probably doesn’t make it a contender. The other house at 334 Nagog Hill Road was a classic example of 70s design and as such really just felt all wrong ! Not to mention that it’s even further out (1.75 miles from historic Acton Center). The countryside around both these houses is really nice though !

The last house was in Andover at Dawn Circle also a new house but more advanced that the Summer St Acton home. Again a nice design with a good level of finishes (nearly all of which were in place) included a jacuzzi tub in the master bath. The house had a huge great room (or family room) that was probably 400 square feet which I really liked (very high ceilings too). There was no real office but the basement opened out to the yard and could have been finished pretty easily and probably fairly cheaply too. This house however was about 2.5 miles from the Andover town center which again is probably too far. However the agent said she had another newly built house about to come on to the market which was closer to downtown (though she was vague about exactly where it was).

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