Orientation Day

Today was indoctrination orientation day at Avid. Since I’d already been at work for three days it was a bit of a non-event. There was only two of us there and all I really needed to do was go over all the benefits forms I’d filled out and make sure there weren’t any mistakes.

My bug from last week remains unfixed and is also a mystery to a couple of us know – so we’re expanding our talent pool to other engineers. It’s sort of nice to have other people who know that answers instead of being the one who everyone turns too, of course that just reminds me how little I know and how quickly I need to know a lot !

I watched last nights oscars but don’t really have much to say since I’ve not seen any of the major movies nominated (children !). I have seen Wallace and Grommit and March of the Penguins (children ! 8-) and they both deserved their awards. It was a good night for Avid – one or more of our products was used in everyone of the winning movies in some ways. For the sixth year running every single nominee in the Sound categories had used ProTools from Avid’s Digidesign subsidiary.

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