Apple’s Online Music Service annoyances

iTunes 4 is neat – Rendezvous playback of content is great if like me you have a library of audio on your notebook but want to listen to it through your desktop machine which is hooked up to a pair of studio reference monitors.

<b>But</b> the online service for purchasing music clearly has some problems right now. The service requires that your .Mac account has a phone number alongside your credit card billing info (presumably an extra security validation mechanism). However it just will not accept my phone number. In fact for my account it won’t accept any phone number at all. It also seems (and I think this is the real problem) to be confused about home and work phone numbers since the message sometimes refers to a home number and sometimes refers to a work number. The .Mac billing pages don’t make any distinction and also (for my account) won’t let a phone number ‘stick’.

So right now I can’t buy anything through the service. AAhh… well… I guess the bug’s will fall out in time.


By using iPhoto (which had a more complete billing setup form) I could see that the .Mac account had two phone numbers associated with it – neither of which had a particularly correct number (no area code, area code in the wrong field). I’m not quite sure how it got screwed up – but having fixed it with iPhoto it now seems to work !

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This post was written by awk on April 28, 2003

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