Airline Security (again)

Michele spent a few days at the beginning of this week in Southern California visiting a friend with Sylvie.

For whatever reason her ‘card’ was marked for extra security checks – these are never much fun when traveling with a child and even less fun when you’re the sole adult (I didn’t go on the trip). However in this case the TSA sunk lower than I’ve ever head of before.

On this occasion they decided that not only did Michele need to have a full hand search with the Metal Detector wand and an extra examination of her shoes and the stroller, they decided that Sylvie should be accorded the same treatment. Which meant that Michele needed to hold Sylvie (which she was not happy about) whilst they used the hand held metal detector. They even decided to X-Ray Sylvies shoes. It’s probably worth emphasizing at this point that Sylvie is a little more than 18 months old and was wearing flat open toed sandals. Even with the best will in the world I doubt that you could cram as much as a fire crackers worth of explosives into the shoes she was wearing.

The only small consolation is that Sylvie was not impressed with the entire process and let everyone in the Airport (nay Long Beach) know how she felt by screaming at the top of her lungs which is usually enough to make even trained doctors, nurses and childcare workers flinch. Even more remarkably she was entirely calm for the actual flight home – though I think the business traveller in the next seat wasn’t too impressed that Sylvie kept taking her socks off and throwing them at him 8-)

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