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Michael Alderete used to use the title of ‘List Mom’ when he was running the Be mailing lists. Today I’ve certainly felt like that in dealing with the BIAS mailing lists.

BIAS has run two mailing lists for a number of years bias-users (mainly Peak users and the busier list) and deck-users. Over the last year on a number of occasions people have requested that we use a web based forum instead of a mailing list (primarily because people prefer the threading and searching of a forum and don’t like the number of emails they get). Since BIAS’ now has it’s own co-located X-Serve running Apache, PHP, MySQL etc hosting a forum is at least something we can consider, so I set the software up and created a test forum with a poll for people to vote for what they preferred and announced to the list last monday that it was available and that we would close the poll this monday and depending on the results switch to the forum or stay with the mailing list.

On Monday the result was a 2/3 majority in favour of the forum instead of the list so yesterday I announced to the list we would be making the change – and then the complaining started.

Turnout for voting was low by regular list user counts and very low in terms of registered list members, however even accounting for the 3 people who mailed me and said they preferred the list and didn’t want the trouble of voting it was still a majority in favour of the forum. Still people complain that they didn’t see the announcement, that of course the results are skewed etc etc. In the meantime none of the whiners seem to have even bothered to look at how it works they just don’t like the change.

You’d think we we’re taking money away from them, or evicting them from their homes ! The level of vitriol has steadily risen – and in the meantime I’m getting no work done on new software and updates etc since I’m dealing with all the flack !

Bah ! Any of the list subscribers can easily take on the task of running their own list – hell I’ve made it clear anyone can post about a new home for a mailing list and I’ll even post it to the web forum if they don’t want to.

There’s just no pleasing some people !

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This post was written by awk on April 16, 2003

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